5 Best Assisted Stretching in Miami

Best Assisted Stretching in Miami at Stretch Zone Coral Gables

I recently started feeling a little stiff in my neck and lower back from working at the computer all day. So I decided to try assisted stretching. I asked the Coral Gables Love community for recommendations of stretching studios in the Miami area. Here’s the final list of the top places to get stretched with a professional practitioner around Miami.

What does assisted stretching do? Assisted stretching can improve your core strength and posture, enhance your athletic performance while reducing your recovery time, and get rid of back and knee pain. Stretching is also a way to lower your stress levels, improve your sleep and boost your energy.

#1 Stretch Zone (Best Assisted Stretching in Coral Gables)

Eliana recommended Stretch Zone Coral Gables, “I started coming to Stretch Zone because I have a very bad back pain problem, a herniated disc. And I also have a lot of pain in both of my hips. Ever since I started going to Stretch Zone, I haven’t felt the pain at all.”

Your body is like a complex machine, and if that machine isn’t well-oiled or used to its full potential, it’s going to start having some problems. They want to keep your body at its maximum potential at Stretch Zone in Coral Gables through proven methods.

Best Assisted Stretching in Miami at Stretch Zone in Coral Gables

They have an extremely knowledgeable team who will help you through assisted stretches for sciatic and more, keeping your body flexible and free of tension. If you’re already feeling this uncomfortable tension mounting, the practitioners at Stretch Zone will help you regain full mobility again.

Best Assisted Stretching in Miami at Stretch Zone in Coral Gables

Countless people have reinvigorate their lives using the proprietary Stretch Zone methods that target your stretch reflex. They offer different types of stretches for Coral Gables such as lower back stretches and more. Do yourself a favor and check out Coral Gables stretch studio. Stretch Zone Coral Gables is located at 3138 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information visit

#2 Stretch Zone (Best Assisted Stretching in Coconut Grove)

Best Assisted Stretching in Miami at Stretch Zone in Coconut Grove

Andrew recommends Stretch Zone Coconut Grove, “I’m an avid cyclist and consider stretching to be an important part of the activity. The folks at Stretch Zone showed me what stretching REALLY looked like. Total game changer. Whatever sport you do (or not), I highly recommend paying these guys a visit. Great, knowledgable, kind staff.”

When you visit Stretch Zone, trained stretch practitioners lead you through a series of dynamic stretches to increase mobility and muscle function and make daily movements more efficient. They offer a welcoming environment, knowledgeable staff and comfortable equipment, since the practitioners do all of the work for you, simply relax and enjoy the benefits! Stretch Zone Coconut Grove is located at 2829 Bird Avenue unit 6, Miami, FL 33133. For more information visit

#3 Symmetry Physical Therapy (Brickell)

Best Assisted Stretching in Miami

Stretching offers many health benefits, including increases in flexibility, the release of endorphins, improved blood flow, and energy levels. Stretching also helps to reduce post-workout soreness, recovery time and decreases the risk of injury.

Stretching is a form of physical activity that involves deliberately stretching a muscle, tendon, and or connective tissue with the purpose of improving muscle elasticity, range of motion, and flexibility. Symmetry Physical Therapy is located at 28 W Flagler St Ste 901, Miami, FL, United States, Florida. For more information visit

#4 MastroStretch (Miami Beach)

Best Assisted Stretching in Miami

Coral Gables Love reader, Julia, recommends MastroStretch, “She kept me healthy and able to keep running while training for marathons and ultramarathons.” MastroStretch takes a holistic approach to assess where the source of your tension is coming from. The primary stretch method used is Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching and Mashing (a form of massage using the feet). Other techniques used are Myofascial Release, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), breathing and stress reduction to improve your mobility, flexibility, posture and quality of life. Amy is a Master Ki-Hara Stretch Therapist with over 10 years of training experience. More than just a stretch therapist, she can help you improve your mobility and posture while reducing your stress. And can take you to the next level of performance, while feeling amazing. For more information visit

#5 Miami Stretch Therapy (Miami Beach)

Best Assisted Stretching in Miami

Coral Gables Love reader, Anthony, recommends Miami Stretch Therapy, “Really helped my lower back problems.” Their assisted stretching approach allows them to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, such as sciatica and fasciitis, as well as common conditions like muscle stiffness, soreness and fatigue. Miami Stretch Therapy is located at 110 Washington Ave #2414, Miami Beach, FL, United States, 33139. For more information visit

Who Would Benefit From Assisted Stretching?

  1. Post Operation or Physical Therapy: Anyone finishing up physical therapy who had surgery, knee pain, knee replacements, hip replacement, bulging discs herniations, shins splints, or tennis elbow would benefit from bridging the gap between physical therapy and going back to normal life routines.
  2. Sitting During The Day: Anyone sitting all day at a desk or working from home would benefit from assisted stretching. Sitting down for long periods of time leads to low back tightness or “texting neck” from sitting at looking down at a computer all day.
  3. Atheletes/Weekend Warriors: Anyone who plays sports can improve their game by shortening their recovery time with assisted stretching.
  4. Retaining or Improving Mobility: Maintaining flexibility prevents aging to maintain mobility and range of motion. This allows you to do activities that you love for a longer period of time of your life. Keep your flexibility and limberness; or get the body feeling good in order to start a workout regimen.
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