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Top 3 Things Not To Miss at The Frost Science Museum in Downtown Miami

Frost Science Museum Aquarium with Hammerhead Sharks

I felt like a kid visiting the Frost Science Museum. My favorite part was the aquarium. With three different levels you can experience the wild-life from three unique perspectives. Get ready to see sharks and glow-in-the-dark jelly fish up close! You can also see the wild life from above, pet manta rays, and enjoy a bit of bird watching.

The Frost Science Aquarium

The Aquarium has three levels: the vista, the dive, and the deep. You’ll want to visit every single level.

The Vista: Top Deck of The Frost Science Aquarium

Frost Science Aquarium Miami

The top attraction at this level is dipping your hand in the Florida Bay exhibit and touching a sting ray. Nearby, explore the vastly different worlds of coral reefs, mangroves, beaches and the Everglades.

The Dive Level of the Aquarium

After getting a fish-eye-view of the beautiful aquariums on the Dive level of the Aquarium, make your way over to the Dive Bar.  A wet touch pool where Frost Science staff members lead hands-on marine science explorations. You can also reach in the pool and touch sea stars, sea cucumbers and sea urchin, and maybe even baby horseshoe crabs.

The Deep Level of the Aquarium

Frost Science Museum Aquarium with Hammerhead Sharks

The Deep Level of the Aquarium takes you to an almost alien place rarely traveled by humans, and no creatures seem more alien than jellies.

Their amorphous bodies and vine-like tentacles billow as they drift in three separate vessels, greeting you as you head to the massive oculus window at the bottom of the Gulf Stream Aquarium. Learn why jelly populations have spiked in recent decades, how humans might play a part and what that means for the health of oceans in general.

The Planetarium

The museum features different shows in their planetarium with a massive dome 3D screen.

One of the most advanced spaces like it in the U.S., the cutting-edge 250-seat Frost Planetarium takes you on visual joyrides that both thrill and educate. Though it might seem like you’re really hurtling through space or weaving through a coral reef or DNA strand, that ultra-real immersive experience is the result of a 16-million-color 8K visual system using six 3D-capable projectors and surround sound. The dome is tilted forward at 23.5 degrees, allowing its 67-foot span to fill your field of vision as if you’re flying—imagery comes at you from above, below and the peripheral edges, creating a nearly 360-degree view of whatever world you’re in. In addition to outstanding shows, our staff-led programming allows school groups to travel to the planet or galaxy of their choice.

The Mirror Maze Exhibit


Mirror Maze at Fost Museum in Miami ##miami ##mirror ##mazechallenge ##tiktok ##fun

♬ Hedwig’s Theme – Harry Potter Soundtrack

Navigate through a giant mirror maze and discover the amazing numerical patterns that exist in the natural world. Leave your calculator at home and discover the amazing mathematical patterns that surround us every day—from the skin on the back of your hand, to the trees in your yard, and perhaps the home you live in.

Frost Science Museum Park Miami - Patterns exhibit

Have you been? What’s your favorite part of the museum?

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top attractions at Frost Science Museum in Miami, Florida
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