Fashion Friday: Errand Casual & Workout Chic

Fashion-Friday-Workout-Chic-CasualWelcome to the latest edition of Fashion Friday! Today I am featuring two fashionable locals with a different take on casual: errand casual vs. work-out casual. Let’s get started!

I met Paulina while walking down Miracle Mile. She was strolling down the sidewalk in an adorable shirt dress. Paulina accessorized her dress with a light brown belt she borrowed from another dress. (I love it when dresses include a belt!) Her earrings have a vintage look from the 70s and she got them at Lucky Brand. She is wearing Valentino sunglasses with studs and light brown sandals that match her belt. Paulina was also carrying a Herschel’s X-large market tote in gray. What a lovely outfit :)

Shop Paulina’s Look


Megan’s stylish leggings caught my eye as we walked down Ponce de Leon Boulevard. She had her Yoga workout outfit with a ripped jean jacket and converse. Megan tied a knot on her racerback tank top to give it an extra detail and wore a headband to keep her hair out of her face during her yoga session. Her amazing leggings are available at Urban Outfitters. Megan says she find tons of great and cheap workout clothes there all the time. Thanks for the tip!

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What do you think about those graphic leggings? Let me know in the comments!

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