Why Delivery Dudes Is My Go-To Food Delivery Service

I am excited to share with you why I prefer to order food using our sponsor, Delivery Dudes!

Sometimes you’re too busy. Sometimes you’re too tired. Sometimes your underwear is too awesome to wear pants over. The reasons to order from Delivery Dudes are endless because anything is more fun than battling traffic, finding parking and picking up take-out. When hunger strikes, head to to peruse a variety of menus from your favorite local restaurants. Once you’ve decided what will cure those hunger pangs, simply place your order online or over the phone. Then, while you’re kicking your feet up, starting a Netflix binge-watching session or working on your Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Delivery Dudes will be racing around town picking up your food faster than you thought humanly possible, for just $5.

I can order from Coral Gables and Coconut Grove restaurants

What’s doubly awesome about ordering from Delivery Dudes is that my Coral Gables address falls under both the Coral Gables and Coconut Grove areas. So whenever I have the need for Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza party I order via Delivery Dudes, but when I am craving Bombay Darbar from the Grove I can use the same service! Woop! Woop! There are many food delivery services out there, but here are some cool things I like about Delivery Dudes:

They have a flat delivery service fee of $5

The items on their site are the same price as when you order at the restaurant. I’ve seen other services that upcharge every single item in your shopping cart and that just makes ordering food WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Delivery Dudes keeps it simple and affordable.

The Delivery Dudes are super nice!

I’ve genuinely had a great experience every time I order via Delivery Dudes. I’m one of those annoying people who always asks for something extra in the comments section, and they always follow through. Even if it’s just asking for a drawing on the pizza box. They say hello to my little dog and know him by name. They are just super nice and I love seeing them walk up to my house delivering my yummies. So THANK YOU to every Delivery Dude who has brought my food during my desperate times of hunger/I can’t leave the house moments.

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