An Inside Look at the Coral Gables Food, Wine & Spirits Festival

food-wine-spirits-festival4I got to sit down with Chris Corey – one of the people behind the Coral Gables Food, Wine, and Spirits Festival. This event, taking place on November 14th and 15th, is a two day beer, wine, and spirits extravaganza. It’s held in the open air on Giralda Avenue between Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Le Jeune Road. Local restaurants will also be offering their yummies for sale so make sure to take funds to buy the noms. I asked Chris a few questions about the festival and it’s origin.

Christopehr-Corey-ConsultingWho started the Food & Wine Festival and when?

The Unlimited Sales Group- 2009; This is the same group of owners that hosts Coral Gables Festival of the Arts, Brickell Festival of the Arts and The Falls Festival of the Arts.

We wanted to bring a special event to Coral Gables that focused on fine spirits, wine and beer. There will also be live music and a VIP area. A true festival experience in Coral Gables!

Why did they decide to start this festival?

The festival was created to offer a different experience from the saturated market of food/wine events. The Coral Gables Food/Wine/Spirits Festival is truly unique. A high-end event in Coral Gables that focuses on fine beer, wine and spirits is one-of-a-kind.

Is the Food & Wine festival an annual event?

Yes, however this is the first year the event is being held in Coral Gables.

What type of alcohol is included with the general admission?

Festival attendees will be able to taste test beer, wine and spirits throughout the event on both days. This ticket also allows you to attend seminars and demonstrations.

Is this an all ages event or 21+?

Families are welcome but the event is geared toward the 21+ crowd.

food-wine-festival2How does this festival set itself apart from other food festivals in South Florida?

There’s more than just food and wine to experience at the Coral Gables Food, Wine & Spirits Festival. There will be plenty of live music to enjoy as you sample all the drinks and bites with your friends and family. The VIP area at the Coral Gables Food, Wine, and Spirits Festival is going to be great. They are offering an all inclusive package of beer, wine, spirits, food, and access to a private music area.

Where can you to purchase tickets to the festival?

That’s it! Are you planning on attending the festival? Let me know in the comments!

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