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  • Sunrise movie live piano showing at gables cinema
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    Watch A Movie With Live Music at Gables Cinema

    The term “Silent Film” has always been a bit of a misnomer.  Sound recording technology needed to create films with dialog didn’t come around until the late 1920’s, so the first few decades of cinema didn’t have dialog or sound effects like the movies of today.  But so-called “Silent Era Films” were never truly silent.  On the contrary, such films were most ...

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    Doc B’s Brunch Menu is Under the Radar and I Have No Idea Why

    I’ll be honest with you, dear reader; I’m not that big on brunch. Day-drinking mimosas make me sleepy, and avocado toast does not make a hearty meal. Just pass me a bagel and coffee! I’m good. This, of course, was all before I tried Doc B’s brunch menu. “Doc B’s has a brunch?” you’re all thinking. I know the Miracle Mile restaurant ...

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  • Finding Love in Miami: The New Tropic Investigates, finding love in miami, love, modern love, coral gables
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    Finding Love in Miami: The New Tropic Investigates

    As a single gal in Miami, I’m always trying to find the equation to meeting the right guy. “How’d you meet your significant other?” is a question that’s always on my lips. “Does he have friends? Is he single? Would my mom like him?” are the next three questions. Some people think Miami is too shallow of a dating pool; some people ...

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  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Valentine's Day Jazz Concert Picnic - Coral Gables Love
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    Why I Loved Fairchild Gardens’ Valentine’s Concert Picnic

    I’m excited to partner with Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden to share my experience at their Valentine’s Jazz Concert. This year, Brian and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a picnic at the magical Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden while listening to live jazz. It was such a unique and romantic experience! There’s nothing like a picnic to cozy up with your significant other while ...

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  • Unique Valentine's Date Ideas in Coral Gables: Valentines Day concert at Fairchild garden
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    Unique Valentine’s Date Ideas in Coral Gables

    Love is in the air and we want to do something special to celebrate it. Going to a regular dinner date at a restaurant doesn’t seem romantic enough this time around. Here are some unique ideas for your 2019 Valentine’s celebration. Valentine’s Movie Date With Chocolate Covered Strawberries Watch a romantic classic with your other half this Valentine’s Day! Coral Gables Art ...

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    Locals Only: Best Things to Do in Miami for Locals

    Are you looking for things to do in Miami for locals? First things first, get out of the beach! Sure, Miami Beach is a novelty and us locals love it, but there are so many spots in Miami where the locals hang out and enjoy. Miami is a big ol’ sprawling city full of areas just as unique and paradise-like as the ...

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    Feeling Artsy: Where to Eat in Wynwood

    So you’re strolling around Wynwood and taking in the sights. SO much street art! So many Insta pics to share with your followers. Yet, so little time. You walk into one of your favorite stores. Perhaps it’s a tiny hipster joint with sustainable clothing; maybe it’s our personal favorite, Ozme Perfumery. Either way, your mid peruse when hunger strikes! Did your stomach ...

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  • Use discount code CGLOVE for $15 off your Las Olas Wine and Food Festival tickets LOWFF
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    Las Olas Wine and Food Festival 2020 Promo Code $15 OFF

    Las Olas Wine and Food Festival 2020 Promo Code Get your tickets at and use promo code: CGLOVE to receive $15 OFF your ticket price. It’s time to start planning for the next big Wine & Food Festival in South Florida, the Las Olas Wine & Food Festival 2020! For over two decades, guests have strolled the famous Las Olas Boulevard ...

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  • Cold War Movie Review at Coral Gables Art Cinema
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    Now Playing at the Coral Gables Art Cinema: Cold War

    Paola and I hurried down the dusty, fluorescent stairwell of the parking garage next to the Coral Gables Art Cinema. Pushing open its heavy door, we rushed out into the alley between the Cinema, John Martin’s Pub, and the Colombian Consulate. The sun had completely set. The air was now quite cold, and we were late. On this particular night, Paola and ...

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