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  • For the best pancakes in Miami make reservations at Eating House in Coral Gables
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    For the Best Pancakes in Miami, Make Reservations at Eating House

    Yes, that’s condensed milk you’re staring at. Eating breakfast makes me happy. I don’t know what it is about this meal that is so enjoyable. Maybe it’s the fact that I get to drink my first cup of coffee; or maybe it’s that most breakfast foods are carbs. Give me all your breads, pastries, pancakes, and waffles! As a lover of carbs, ...

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  • Long Days Journey Movie Screening at Gables Cinema Art Movie Theater in Coral Gables, Florida - Miami
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    This Weekend, Discover if a 3D Movie Can Be Art

    Can you think of a time when you saw a movie that changed the way you watch movies?  When I think about this question, I sometimes think about 1999. Two friends and I went to check out the strange, newly-released, action film called “the Matrix”.   I remember the three of us walking out of the theater and into the (now demolished) Riverwalk ...

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    Yoga at Fairchild Garden Ruins Indoor Yoga for Life

    It’s Sunday and Mother’s Day. A happy day for most people, but a tough day for me. I miss my mom the most on special days and Mother’s Day. So I decided to start off the day with some self care by taking a yoga class at Fairchild Botanical Garden. I didn’t realize what a magical experience I signed myself up for. ...

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  • House of Perla - Best Coffee Shop in Coral Gables, Florida - Miami
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    House of Per’la is Your New Local Coffee Shop Obsession

    Local celebrity and super Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli has been bringing the noms to Coral Gables and surrounding areas since 2012, and he’s been a local obsession ever since. Cap n’ Crunch pancakes? A restaurant in Peacock Park? The guy’s tasty endeavors are starting to feel more like hype and less like the real thing. It’s Miami! We’re always exaggerating about something. But ...

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    Celebrate National Burger Month at These Miami Restaurants

    Eating House (Coral Gables) Eating House offers a Burger Menu on Thursdays for Lunch & Dinner. The Burgers change every week and they are inspired by the show Bob’s Burgers, with names like “Parma Parma Parma Chameleon” – which is topped with their black truffle carbonara sauce, fries egg, applewood smoked bacon and grana padano and “50 Ways to Leave Your Guava” ...

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    Two Summer Bourbon Cocktail Recipes To Try

    I am excited to work with our sponsor, Coopers’ Craft, to share these recipes with you! Last week, I attended a South Florida Bloggers Happy Hour at the Deck Bar in Wynwood. We were celebrating the launch of the new Coopers’ Craft expression, Barrel Reserve. The latest expression is a bolder and more robust 100 proof spirit compared to the original Coopers’ ...

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  • Gables Cinema Sunrise movie screening with two brilliant pianists playing live music
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    We Watched A Movie With Live Music at Gables Cinema

    Entering the cinema my eyes were immediately drawn to the two identical Steinway grand pianos.  Their black and gold edges gleamed as though they could somehow reflect more light than was naturally available in the half-darkened theater.  The amalgamation of the two massive soundboards outstretched the length of the theater’s screen.  Several antique horns and an old shipyard bell were stationed near ...

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    Latest Instagram Hotspots in Miami Design District

    Looking for a gorgeous backdrop to take some photos in Miami? Your immediate instinct might be to head over to Wynwood with its extensive collection of artist murals. But why not try discovering a different Miami neighborhood? The Miami Design District is located a little north Wynwood starting on N 36th street up to N 43th street – sandwiched between West First ...

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  • Bare Minerals Clean Glow Collection
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    Bare Minerals Gives You a Miami Tan Without the Damage

    Bare Minerals made their way down to Miami to bring us the complexion we always wanted without the sun damage. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach. Who doesn’t? The sun, the waves, the hot dudes in swim trunks. We’re lucky down here in sunny Miami, but if there’s one thing I can do without, it’s the sun damage. UV Rays ...

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