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Top Gifts To Get Your Coworkers This Christmas

The Christmas Season is the most cheerful time of the year; however, when it comes to Christmas shopping it can turn into the most stressful time. All the gifts for your families and friends might be wrapped up and ready under the tree. Then you realize  you have to get a gift for the Secret Santa gift exchange at work. Now you are left hunting down the perfect gift at the right price.

Well you don’t have to stress any further, we did all the work for you and found the most awesome and affordable gifts to get your Coworker in our local Coral Gables Shops.

  1. Books & Books Gift Card

Is your Coworker a book lover?  You simply can’ t go wrong with a gift card from Books & Books; available to use in any of the Books & Books Locations. Your coworker will appreciate the gift as he/she can add on a check mark to their books-I-need-to-read list. The gift card amount starts at $10 but you are able to add up to a $200 dollar value.

Books & Books is located on 265 Aragon Ave Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information visit

2. Custom Passport Holder Leather, ART TO WEAR Collection by Holly A. Jones

There’s always that one coworker who lives to travel; its like they spend more time away then at home. For them, a Custom Passport Holder by Holly A. Jones is your best bet as a Christmas gift. Each and every leather passport cover is hand painted by Miami Gallery Artist Holly A. Jones. The one-of-a-kind item is the most popular product in her ART TO WEAR Collection. The artwork is sealed in matte varnish and is very durable for traveling. The bright color options with the exotic Miami artwork is a perfect mix for a very unique passport holder. A matching gift bag and thank you note from the artist is included with every order. A gift retailing  at $20.

Holly A. Jones is an Artist based in Coral Gables but most of her orders are made online and delivered at your footsteps through her website:

3. Marble & Wood Board Set at Coco Bella Miami

How about that coworker who loves to host parties and is all about having items with edge in their home. The Marble & Wood 2-piece set is a perfect fit. Marble and mango wood cutting board features smooth finish and wood handled spreader. Marble and mango wood are natural occurring materials with variations in color and texture. This impressive cutting board is retailed at the comfortable price of $29.95.

Coco Bella Miami is located on 305 Alcazar Ave. Miami, FL 33134. For more information or online orders visit their website at

4.  Commodity Cocktail Kit at Sephora

We all have that Coworker who loves to have a unique pleasant smell. We have found the perfect gift for him or her. This luxe kit includes all of Commodity’s 10 premium eau de parfum unisex fragrances and makes for the perfect gift. The five black collection fragrances are complex, moody, and intense. The five white collection fragrances are bright, airy, and easy. Each fragrance is designed to be layered together with any other to create bespoke scents tailored to each individual taste. This Commodity Cocktail Kit  retails at $26.

Sephora is located at Shops at Merrick Park, 358 San Lorenzo Ave #2100, Coral Gables, FL   For more information or online ordering visit the Sephora website at

5. Holiday Seda France Classic Toile Room Mist at Macanoco & Co. 

I am particularly a huge fan of the Christmas season and if I could have the smell of Christmas all around my home, I would be complete. If your coworker is a holiday lover just like me, then this is the gift meant for him or her. Fir balsam, fir needle, cedar wood, grapefruit, orange oil, eucalyptus and bergamot combine for a fragrance comparable only to freshly gathered pine cones. Bring the crisp outdoors in with this one. Create an instant atmosphere anywhere in your home with Seda France room mists – now in a gold aerosol can. Easy to use and no messy nozzles. These 6-ounce sprays are available in some of their bestselling Classic Toile fragrances and are perfect as gifts. The gift retails at a price of $17.

Macanoco & Co. is located at 2344 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134 For more information or to order online please visit their website at

6. Coral Gables Art Cinema Gift Card

Is your coworker a film junkie? The Gables Cinema Gift Card is perfect for any film lover and for any occasion. Add the amount of your choice. The card can be used for tickets and concession items.

Coral Gables Art Cinema is located on 260 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information visit $10 -$100

7. Wine Bottle Accessory Kit 3 Pieces at Barnes & Noble

If your coworker is all about the wine, you have encountered the first item on their Christmas list this year.  This fun and convenient kit is a must-have for any wine lover. Your Coworker will not stop thanking you for this one-of-a-kind gift. The Wine Bottle accessory Kit  retails at $18.95.

Barnes & Nobel is located at 152 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information or to order online please visit

8. Little Brush for Keyboard at Luminaire Store

Have you come across that coworker who loves to keep everything looking clean and fresh, but you don’t know what to get them? The little brush will keep every corner of the desk in tip-top shape. This sturdy Little Brush for Keyboard is made with horsehair bristles set into a solid oak handle. The desk tool is designed to gently sweep away dust and particles from surfaces without damaging them. Also a great gift, the Little Brush For Keyboard is a welcome addition to anyone’s work-space.  The Little Brush for the Keyboard retails for $16.

LUMINAIRE CORAL GABLES is located on 2331 Ponce de Leon Blvd.Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information on the product or how to order online please visit

9. Moscow Mule Cooper Mug at Crate and Barrel

Want to keep it classy with your coworkers gift but stay at an affordable price? We have found the best fit for that person who loves the finer things in life. This gift will definitely not be a burden on your pocket.  Stainless steel takes on a coppery finish as a maintenance-free alternative to the traditional copper mug used to serve the 1950’s classic Moscow Mule cocktail of lime juice, vodka, ginger beer and plenty of ice. The mugs retail at  $19.95.

Crate and Barrel is located on 358 San Lorenzo Ave Coral Gables, FL  33146. For more information or to order online please visit

10. Roger and Gallet Bath & Shower Gels at GBS Beauty

If your coworker enjoys sometime to himself/herself, then a fitting gift for them is the Roger and Gallet Bath & Shower Gels. With this gift anyone can truly sense a  sensual pleasure for shower or bath with a fragrant blend of ginger, oriental floral and musk. Creating a rich lather that refreshes as it gently cleanses, it maintains your skin’s natural balance. Take a cultural journey to the Andalusian gardens of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Under the Casa Real Palace orange trees, discover the contrast between the sunny freshness of the leaf and the fruit, the sweetness of the flower and the mysterious sensuality of the wood.

GBS Beauty is located on 308 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information or to order online please visit

11. HydraStash Collapsible Bottle 1L at NoBoundries Sport

Of course who can forget that one coworker who is all about sports or on the go. Having a water bottle that will hold up to 1 Liter of water and that when finished can be folded and put away almost anywhere is astonishing. Durable, flexible, and leak-proof, the 1L Stash™ Collapsible Water Bottle is designed to go with you. Packing down to roughly one-fifth the filled size, the Stash™ bottles flexible design is lighter and easier to carry than hard bottles, keeping you hydrated no matter where your adventures take you. This fold-able Hydrastash water bottle is retailed at the price of   $23.

NoBoundraies Sport is located on 220 Aragon Ave,  Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information or to order online please visit

12. Pop Candle Sea Salt at Cattiva Boutique

Who doesn’t enjoy an amazing smell from the Ocean Breeze. You can now gift your Coworker the Scent of the Ocean in their own home. Evoke lazy summer days at the shore with a fresh mix of beach-side scents, including lime, ocean breeze, sea salt, blue lotus, water hyacinth, outdoor freshness and white musk in a crisp navy glass vessel. The bold blend of essential oils is crafted to provide several hours of sensational sea scents. The Sea Salt candle is retailed at  $38.

Cattiva Boutique is located at 257 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, Florida 33134.  For more information or to order online please visit

13. Good News Only Mug at Peace Love World

Everyone loves at durable mug that brings a positive start to your  mornings with “good news only” motif printed at center on one side and a “peace love world” graphic on the other side.  Your coworker will enjoy starting off their day with coffee in their brand new encouraging mug. With each sip, be reminded to live with love by our signature red dash marks below at right. $28.

Peace World Love is located at 225 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information or to order online please visit

14. Rose Wood Magnetic Base/Pad Holder Pen Set at Award Trophy World

A lot of office employees have to keep constant notes on the details and events occurring at the workplace. The Floating Rosewood Pen Desk Set with Memo Pad serves dual roles in this selection of practical and beautiful rosewood gifts. The pen floats and the note pad rests conveniently beside it. Both are always ready for quick access. This Pen Desk set retails at $35.20

Award Trophy World is located on 373 Aragon Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information or to order online please visit

15. Starbucks Gift Card

With a Starbucks gift card you will honestly be the best coworker of the universe. Everyone needs that extra boost in the morning and it’s awesome to know your Secret Santa has your back. You will  eat, drink and be merry with this festive Starbucks gift card. It’s the perfect way to get them in the spirit all season long. The Starbucks gift card can be loaded with amounts ranging from  $15 to $100.

Starbucks in Coral Gables is located on 200 Miracle MileCoral Gables, FL 33134.  For more information or to order online please visit

16. Star Wars Ice Mold at Williams – Sonoma

You will be the talk of the gift exchange party when you give this Star Wars Ice Mold. May the force be with you when everyone tries to get their hands on your gift. The Darth Vader ice molds from Zoku create large, long-lasting Star Wars ice cubes for chilling cocktails and refreshments. Use multiple sets to prepare a fleet of Darth Vader ice for a party punch-bowl. The Star Wars Ice Mold retails at  $19.95.

Williams – Sonoma is located at 350 San Lorenzo Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33146. For more information or to order online please visit

17. Saddle Leather Cocktail Shaker at Pottery Barn

I am probably becoming more and more of a Cocktail enthusiast. If you know that coworker that enjoys trying and even making new cocktails, the Saddle Leather Cocktail Shaker is the ultimate investment.  Wrapped in cognac leather and detailed with top-stitching, Beckett bar-ware collection brings classic sophistication to home entertaining. Add a monogram to the shaker as a special gift to a fabulous host on your holiday list. Saddle Leather Cocktail Shaker is retailed at $ 27.50.

Pottery Barn is located at 358 San Lorenzo Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33146. For more information or to order online please visit

18. Biltmore Hotel Gift Card

A welcome gift for any occasion, you will be the best gift exchange present at the party. There is nothing better than showing your coworkers you care about them and gifting them  the Biltmore Gift Card which can be used at one or more of the restaurants and lounges, spa, golf facilities, gift shop, poolside cabanas and more. Starting in $50 denominations, they are the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

The Biltmore Hotel is located at 1200 Anastasia Ave Coral Gables, FL. For more information or to order online please visit

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