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New Yoga Studio Opens in Coral Gables: Lipé House of Wellness

Coral Gables Yoga Studio offering Hypnotic Flow class taught by Paola Mendez of Coral Gables Love

Did you know I’ll be teaching yoga classes starting April 1st at the brand new Lipé House of Wellness (@lipehow)? This beautiful wellness center offers Yoga Classes, Relaxing & Lymphatic Massages, Cold Plunge followed by the soothing heat of their Infrared Sauna, Energy Enhancement System Sessions, Breath-work Classes, and more services. I’ll be teaching Mondays at 7pm and Thursdays at 8am. See you there yogis! ☺️✨✨✨

New Yoga Studio in Coral Gables

At Lipé House of Wellness you’ll find a beautiful and modern yoga studio located in the heart of Coral Gables that gives you a sense of calm and well-being as soon as you step inside the door. At Lipé House of Wellness, Yoga is like the cosmic dance of stretching, bending, and posing with a soundtrack of oms and namastes. I will be teaching a Hypnotic Flow on Thursday mornings at 8am and a Candlelit Relaxing Yoga Flow on Mondays at 7pm. To see their entire yoga offerings visit

Lipé House of Wellness Cold Plunge Service

Step into the invigorating world of cold plunge. Experience a refreshing dip into chilly waters designed to revitalize your body and mind.

Chill out in the most exhilarating way possible! Their Cold Plunge & Infrared Sauna service is like a vacation for your body, mind and soul.

Experience the invigoration rush of their Cold Plunge followed by the soothing heat of their Infrared Sauna. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to conquer your day! Book now for a 50 minute cool adventure your senses won’t forget!

Lipé House of Wellness is located at 4928 S. Le Jeune Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33146. For more information visit

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