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Join Cherry Blow Dry and Never Worry About Your Hair Again

Cherry Blow Dry is a membership blow dry bar in Coral Gables, Florida.

I like to simplify my life whenever possible, and dealing with my hair is a constant struggle in South Florida. I don’t have the skills to give myself a blow dry that will withstand the Miami humidity levels. You might be one of those fabulous girls I see that have professional stylist skills whose curls bounce as she walks down Miracle Mile; but I’m not. My own curling skills leave me with limps curls after burning them to a crisp after 20 minutes. If you are like me, let me introduce you to the answer to all your hair problems, Cherry Blow Dry.

This modern and elegant blow dry bar recently opened on Miracle Mile and will take care of your hair, so you don’t have to! They offer an unlimited blow dry membership for $139. You might be thinking to yourself, “Ah, but how am I going to get my hair done before work? No one in Miami opens that early.” Cherry Blow Dry does. Their regular hours are from 9 am – 9 pm; but they will open earlier if you need your hair styled for a meeting or event – or just because you felt like it.

Cherry Blow Dry owner, Yany Moreno, worked in the insurance and finance industry for 20 years. Yany always enjoyed beauty, hair, and make up trends. So she decided to sell her businesses and work in the industry she loved by helping women feel more confident in their daily lives.

I stopped by to try Cherry Blow Dry for a curly blow out and was not disappointed. They have impeccable service from the time you walk into the bright and welcoming salon until you walk out the door looking fabulous. Cherry Blow Dry offers all types of blow outs including beachy waves, retro glam curls, straight outs and everything in between. If you are unsure what style you want, you can pick from their lookbook. They also offer more services than just blow outs. You can opt to have an up-do, a braid, ketarin treatments or your makeup done too. For more information on their services visit

Once I picked a look, my stylist washed my hair and it felt wonderful. Some salons rub your scalp too hard but at Cherry Blow Dry you get a light massage while they wash your hair. It’s so relaxing you might fall asleep. The actual blow drying is the same. I’m used to stylists pulling my hair. After all, I was raised hearing the Colombian saying, “El que quiere marrones aguanta tirones.” (The one who wants curls puts up with hair getting pulled.) So it was a new experience to have a blow out with out my hair constantly getting yanked. Plus, you get to sip champagne while your hair is being styled!

Whether you’re too busy to spend all that time doing your hair, you don’t have the skills to look fabulous everyday on your own, or you are looking to simplify your daily routine – stop by Cherry Blow Dry and ask about the unlimited blow dry membership program. You won’t regret it! Cherry Blow Dry is located at 210 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables.

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