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House of Per’la is Your New Local Coffee Shop Obsession

House of Perla - Best Coffee Shop in Coral Gables, Florida - Miami

Local celebrity and super Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli has been bringing the noms to Coral Gables and surrounding areas since 2012, and he’s been a local obsession ever since. Cap n’ Crunch pancakes? A restaurant in Peacock Park? The guy’s tasty endeavors are starting to feel more like hype and less like the real thing. It’s Miami! We’re always exaggerating about something. But this guy’s the real deal, baby! If not I wouldn’t be writing this right now. Trust me. 

Amber Maxwell

House of Per’la is Your New Local Obsession

Yup, he’s back. This time Rapicavoli, wife Amber Maxwell along with Paul Massard and Chris Nolte, the duo behind Per’La Speciality Roasters, have come together to bring you the local coffee house experience Coral Gables has been missing. You may remember Café Curuba? The coffee shop behind Anthony’s Coal Fire? House of Per’la has officially taken its place selling Per’la coffee—but don’t worry, those tasty pan de bonos are still in stock along with other local goodies. Bread from Sullivan Street Bakery and snacks from Small Tea? Count me in! Plus, Rapicavoli oversees the menu so aside from smooth quality coffee from local roasters you guys can come in for French Toast Bread Pudding or their highly reviewed Avocado Toast! 

After years of looking into the coffee culture in other cities, Rapicavoli and Maxwell wanted to bring it down to the Gables, and we couldn’t be happier about it! House of Per’la welcomes locals, CG professionals, after school pick-up moms just looking for a snack! They’re here for all of it. So, if you’re in the area, swing by for the coffee or the noms. You deserve a pick-me-up, and House of Per’la has the goods. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to see what their offering the Gables area!  

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