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Hot & Hard To Get, Bagel Balls, Are The Latest Breakfast Trend in Miami

Bagel Balls - round bagels filled with cream cheese delivered to your door in Miami

Brunch at Home with Bagel Balls

I discovered Bagel Balls this past weekend when my sister ordered two dozen of them for Sunday breakfast. These genius and savory cousins of donut holes, Bagel Balls, are soft and chewy filled with cream cheese and delivered straight to your door.

Bagel balls are hand-rolled, filled with just the right amount of cream cheese, and available in 10 classic flavors: plain, everything, sesame, poppy seed, garlic, onion, pumpernickel, cinnamon raisin, guava, and chocolate chip.⁣ We tried the sesame, cinnamon raisin, guava and good ol’ plain bagel balls. I preferred the sweet flavors: guava and cinnamon raisin. The sesame was a close second. I say skip the plain bagel balls.

Place Your Bagel Balls Order With Plenty of Time

These round bagel holes are selling out in Miami. With orders sold out through the rest of August, you’ll want to place your order for these round yummies. They are already taking orders for September.

Bagel Balls Since 1989 by Al Burger

The original Bagel Balls were created in 1989 by Al Burger, the founder of Roasters ‘N Toasters. Al loved to play around in the kitchen, and one day decided it it was time to spice up one of his favorite breakfast staples. This resulted in a delicious bite-sized bagel filled with just the right amount of cream cheese, a snack now known as the Bagel Ball.

After years of retirement and their cult following begging for a comeback, the Burger family decided it was time to bring Bagel Balls back and started taking orders via their Instagram Page. They don’t even have a phone number or email. You place the order by sending them a Direct Message via Instagram. It’s totally worth it. Get yourself some bagel balls… next month!

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