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High-End Peruvian Restaurant, Mikuna, Opens in Coral Gables

Lomo Saltado from Mikuna. Mikuna is the best Peruvian restaurant in Coral Gables.

Chocolate cake from Mikuna. Mikuna is the best Peruvian restaurant in Coral Gables.

There are many Peruvian restaurants in South Florida, but I’ve just found my favorite lomo saltado (Peruvian steak stir fry), ceviche, and tres leches at Mikuna. Does that mean it’s my favorite Peruvian restaurant in town? Yes, it definitely is. Mikuna opened just over a month ago but already promises to be a new foodie destination. You can taste the fresh ingredients and flavors in their traditional Peruvian dishes.

I had the opportunity to meet with Piero Olivero – one of the three chef owners. Mikuna is their first venture owning a restaurant together; and they sure have the experience and talent in the kitchen. They are ready to bring the flavor to Coral Gables.

Lunch Plans

Do you work in the Gables? Mikuna offers a lunch menu for the lunch crowd with bestsellers including lomo saltado, ceviche samplers, papa a la Huancaína, and causas. Your healthy co-workers can tag along too! They can order from their healthier and vegetarian dishes: mushroom ceviche, quinoa veggie chaufa (wok fried quinoa with vegetables), salads and more.

Recommended Dishes

You can’t visit a Peruvian restaurant without trying their ceviches – and Mikuna is no exception. Their ceviche sampler is delicious. It includes 3 types of ceviches, we tried 4 different ceviches: the rocotto red pepper ceviche, the traditional Peruvian ceviche, the ceviche mixto with fish and shrimp, and the white ceviche with vegetables and seafood. My favorite was the white ceviche, but they were all phenomenal. If you are a ceviche-lover, I highly recommend you visit Mikuna.

For desserts go for their Peruvian desserts. While their chocolate cake with dulce de leche was decadent and delicious – their warm tres leches dessert won a permanent place in my heart. The cake soaked in condensed milk is light and served warm. Each sweet bite melts in your mouth. I plan on visiting Mikuna on those days I crave a dessert-lunch. You know, those days you just want cake for lunch? (Yes, you do).

Miami Spice Menu

Why not try them out today? Discover the best Peruvian gastronomic experience in town. They have a Miami Spice menu with options to choose from 4 appetizers, 4 main courses, and 3 desserts. Let them know I sent you! Mikuna is located at 325 Alcazar Ave, Coral Gables.

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