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Art Basel Immersive, Interactive Exhibit at ARTECHOUSE by Zach Lieberman

ARTECHOUSE Art Basel 2023 zach lieberman

Have you been to @artechouse? They have a new immersive, interactive, digital art exhibit for Art Basel and it’s so much fun! My favorite piece is the arch that activates with lights as you walk through it.

Last night, I visited ARTECHOUSE to celebrate its fifth anniversary and get an exclusive preview of its new two-story interactive digital art exhibition “Future Sketches / Code Poems” by renowned artist @zach.lieberman centered on amplifying human gestures. Make drawings come to life, imagine how the voice would look if we could see it, and transform silhouettes into music!

Future Sketches / Code Poems, an interactive exploration of human expression and play, through the use of coding and technology.

Opening December 6th, Future Sketches / Code Poems marks the next chapter in Lieberman’s journey, exploring the poetry within computation and pushing the boundaries of creative coding as an expressive medium. ARTECHOUSE’s collaboration with Lieberman represents the latest in its series of groundbreaking collaborations with visionary artists working at the intersection of art and technology. “Future Sketches / Code Poems” builds upon the success of Lieberman’s inaugural solo exhibition at ARTECHOUSE DC in 2020. Through a series of installations, Lieberman and his MIT Media Lab students reveal the poetry in computation, and encourage visitors to let their boundless imaginations take the lead when it comes to modern technology.

“When I create work, I don’t want people to point at it and say, ‘that’s amazing software.’ I want them to say, ‘that’s a beautiful idea, that helped me see in a new way, or that made my day better.” Artist, Zach Lieberman

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