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Hi! I’m Paola Mendez.

I am an entrepreneur, published author, and the kind spirit behind The Blogger Union. I share fun experiences around Coral Gables (the city I live in), Florida & my travels. I showcase all the gems I encounter in my life. I hope you check them out and let me know if you experience a spark of joy too.

Do you ever feel like you live in an amazing place that other people go through a lot of trouble to visit on vacation; but you’re just working, running errands, and living your day-to-day life? You tell yourself, “I don’t go to the beach because I’m not a beach person”.  Have you ever said, “I don’t go to touristy spots because I don’t like crowds”. And yet, the weekend comes around and there’s this yearning to do something new and fun. You want to do something special with your family and friends. That’s why I started Coral Gables Love. I wanted to experience the city I live in and the the entire world really. I wanted to meet people, hear their stories, and make real connections.

So I pushed my little introvert self out into the world to do things and meet people. And it changed my life. Coral Gables Love is a collection of those experiences and stories so you can try them too. Please do let me know if you enjoyed any of the things I recommend and share by saying hello at

A couple of other things about me:

I wrote the cookbook: A Taste of Coral Gables. A collection of recipes from the top chefs and restaurants in the city of Coral Gables. Grab your copy!

I founded a network of blogger communities called The Blogger Union. It all started right here, in Miami, with the South Florida Bloggers. Our goal is to help our members grow their brands and incomes by teaching them about Digital Marketing & Influencer Marketing. If you own a blog, are thinking of becoming an influencer, or own a small business and want to learn the leading practices of online marketing – join us! Becoming a member is easy and free. Just sign up at

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