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5 Things You Should Know To Stay Safe in Coral Gables

December2015-Dafety-Tips-Coral-GablesI attended the latest Coral Gables Crime Watch meeting where public safety issues are discussed. The following are a few important highlights of the agenda.

The New Face of The Coral Gables Police Department

The Coral Gables Police Department has started a new pilot program where they assign police officers as “Team Leaders” to specific areas within Coral Gables. The Team Leader’s goal is to solve chronic problems in the community and put a face to the police department in the city. Each Team Leader has been trained to solve problems and will be readily available via phone and email. They can be found out-and-about within their designated areas. To find the Team Leader assigned to your area call the Coral Gables Police Department at (305) 442-1600

New Identity Theft Alert

If you are traveling for the holidays be mindful of your boarding pass. Now-a-days boarding passes have bar codes or QR codes that can be conveniently scanned during the boarding process so that passengers can quickly board the plane. Unfortunately, these same barcodes can be used by criminals to steal your identity. Make sure to rip up your boarding pass once you are ready to discard it. Do not leave it lying around where someone could scan it with a phone app and get all the details of your online reservation – including your credit card number.

City Under Surveillance

The City of Coral Gables is working towards installing CCTV cameras and license plate readers to create a safety net around the city by keeping track of who enters and exits the city limits. More details will be announced as the project moves along.

Safety Self Help Seminars

The Coral Gables Police Department will be offering seminars for a range of topics including CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, crime prevention, hurricane preparation, and smoke detector awareness.

Workout Safety PSA

Now that the day grows darker earlier be sure to wear reflective gear when you jog or run. There has been an alarming increase in near misses between automobiles and joggers wearing dark clothing while they exercise. Be sure to wear bright colors and reflectors so that drivers can see you clearly and share the road.

Fire Safety

Hopefully, the weather will continue to cool down over the holidays. Reverse air A/C units are used as heaters during the winter. These tend to collect dust throughout the year and give that smoky smell the first time you turn them on. The dust could also lead to fires. Get your A/C cleaned or make sure the first time you turn it on is during the day when you are alert and keep on eye on it.

Also, the Fire Department offers free smoke dectector inspections, battery replacement, and smoke detector installation. Call the Fire Department to set up an appointment (305) 442-1600.

These were the latest safety updates. I will keep you posted on a monthly basis. Share these safety tips with your friends and family using the social buttons below.

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